The saying in the past has been
“6 degrees of separation”
We believe that number should be 2!
Growing your team made simple

Our Story

Recruitment: it’s boring for most, it’s costly and it’s time consuming – that’s when we realised it was the perfect business opportunity. What if we could make the excruciating process of recruitment as painless as possible?

No more having to write tedious job descriptions, no more piles of badly written CVs to read, no more time consuming interviews to sit through, no contract negotiations that could take months to finalise.

2dgres is here to save you from your worst recruitment nightmare.

One massive library of pre-written job description templates, one gigantic databases of independent global recruiters available to you on-demand and one custom-built bidding marketplace; and zero paperwork to deal with.
It doesn’t get simpler or better than this!

Helping you write your story

Startups can pick and choose teams of independent recruiters to scout the world for their perfect candidate. Any sector, any country, any job, any salary – the control is all yours.

A single term of business is agreed by all; we deal with the boring backend stuff so you don’t have to. We even guarantee all employees for up to 3 months, making your process completely risk-free, and your business one step closer to writing your story.